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All passengers are at risk from flying glass if the vehicle is involved in an accident or collision. Every year, thousands of injuries are caused to the face and eyes during serious motoring accidents, as a result of flying glass particles or from bodily contact with the glass.

40% of all multiple vehicle accidents involve a side impact.

40% of all multiple vehicle accidents involve a side impact. That’s 30,000 accidents a year. You and your passengers are more at risk from glass related injury during a side-impact collision… ask any surgeon. In the event that a vehicle rolls over, when a window shatters it is possible for occupants to be wholly or partially ejected from the cabin.

After all, your face is only inches away from the window.

The easiest way to break into your car is through a side window. A thief can smash the glass, steal something of value and be on their way, all in a matter of seconds. For the unfortunate vehicle owner, the whole experience is inevitably frustrating, inconvenient and expensive. For some, it is the feeling of intrusion that lingers.

Vehicle crime is the UK’s number one crime.

A car is broken into every 13 seconds in the UK.

Most break-ins occur when a vehicle is parked. A thief is always confident that they can steal from a car and get away with it, well before anybody even notices them. They want your stereo, speakers, satellite navigation, expensive in-car system, the contents of your glove-box and anything else of value that you may have left in your vehicle by mistake.

Satellite navigation systems is the fastest growing car theft around.

If you work from your car or van and keep your tools in your vehicle they are at a very high risk, thieves are always on the look out for power tools and valuable materials.

Moving cars are also a target.

Although less common, car-jacking is an opportunist crime that seems to be happening more and more. A car-jacker knows that you are far more likely to have something valuable next to you when driving. Typically waiting at a road junction, traffic jam, or traffic lights, if the thief can see something stealing, in a few seconds they can smash one of your windows and grab what ever they want, without caring that you are sitting in the car.

An increasingly serious problem is the theft of your vehicle whilst you are present. With the improvement of manufacturer’s alarms and immobilisers thieves are resorting to stealing your vehicle whilst you are in the drivers seat. Often smashing the window as intimidation and forcing you out of the vehicle.

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