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Dynamic Window Tinting
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Window Tinting
Birmingham: 0121 359 2507

Dynamic Window Tinting Information Section

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Enhance the look of your vehicle with Dynamic Tinting.

High performance materials & superb professional finish.

Our high performance tinted window film is the best available on the market. The film will not fade like other cheaper options available in high street stores and on auctions sites. The film will block out 99% of harmful ultra violet (UV) rays and stop glare from the sun and other lights at night. Whilst still being as optically clear as the original window.

Dynamic Tinting provide the professional fitting needed to complement the materials used. We are not a one hour pit stop, time and care is taken to give a professional finish. Film is molded to curved glass, all work is done in a dust free environment and steps are made to protect interior trims. With Dynamic tinting it is almost impossible to distinguish between our finish and the original glass. Click Here to read more about us.

Dynamic provides a lifetime guarantee.

The Dynamic finish, materials used and discussed benefits have enabled us to become the leading car window tinters in the Midlands. Working together with dealerships, celebrities and politicians. No job is too big, too small, or too quirky we engineer a solution to fit your requirements.

Click Here to view a gallery ranging from a Mini Cooper to an Aston Martin to a Limo Fire Engine.

Dynamic Tinting add to the existing tone of automotive glass to produce a more distinctive appearance, dramatically enhancing the look of any type of vehicle.

Dynamic Tints help protect you, passengers, pets and valuables.

  • Protection against harmful UV rays – rejecting over 99% of UV light protecting you and your passengers from increased risk of skin cancer and better than a stick on blind.
  • Increased privacy – ideal for women travelling alone at night also celebrities and politicians from gazing eyes.
  • Improves security – makes it difficult for thieves to see clearly into a vehicle. And deter car jackers at junctions.
  • Reduces heat – your vehicle will be cooler on warm days, giving a more comfortable journey and help travelling pets.
  • Save money – with a cooler vehicle, air conditioning can be used less, saving fuel.
  • Extension to the office – fleet vehicles may now be required to protect employees from glare and harmful UV rays.
  • Display screens – Reduce glare and reflections on display screens used in a vehicle.

Dynamic services also include;
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